Babies and Toddlers

Infants 8 - 14 months

Nurturing and interaction with caring staff, enhances an infants development, i.e. laughing, talking, singing and positive interaction during caring routines, all contribute towards an infants stimulation. Activities include nursery rhymes, music and sensory play.

Toddlers: 14 months - 2 year

Toddlers are busy people, full of curiosity and are interested in developing their new found skills of mobility and speech. Our play programme takes into consideration the balance between play, development, care and security needs. Activities include art & crafts, singing, dancing, sand and water play.

Play Group : 2 years - 3 Years

The play group programme focuses on aiding all areas of development whether physical, social, and emotional, language or intellectual. The programme allows for fun free play as well as focusing on group activities which will prepare the children for their next step into montessori class. Activities include sand and water play, play dough, cookery, art & crafts, singing, dancing, role play, dress up, stories, constructive play and pre-montessori activities.

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